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Image by Annie Spratt
We started The Neighbors Project in Michigan because we believe that every person deserves supportive friendship and tangible help from people who love them.

We want to see Families in hard seasons who feel isolated finding help and friendship to equip their family to stay safely together

Our Vision
Our Team


Although I was initially very hesitant to jump into foster care, I love being a foster dad. It's taught me how to live in proximity to those who are hurting.  Growing compassion for all people in hard situations has pushed me further into the world of being neighborly to everyone that I can. I'm passionate about seeing Neighbors meet the needs of Families around them and Families accepting help in the hard times of their lives. 




After walking through a long season of hardship and grief, I've learned that the only way through is love. As our mission says, "Love is our greatest vocation". The fierce and unconditional love I've been shown on my darkest days is what motivates me to extend the same love to others who need support. I want to make sure that no family ever has to feel alone in a hard season which is why I'm so excited to launch The Neighbors Project in Michigan. Together, we can show love, offer support and make our circles bigger! 


Josh and Hannah are foster parents and community advocates near Detroit who have a passion for seeing families thrive together. They are fierce advocates for reunification within the child welfare system and for empowering people, not systems, to do the good work of caring for and loving their neighbors. When they aren't matching Neighbors and Families in Michigan you can find them going on a hike in the woods, playing board games, and having fun with their daughter and family.

On the hardest days of parenting and the darkest days of grief,
we were as strong as the people who sought us out to say
I see you. You aren’t alone. You can do this.”
These difficult years were built of beautiful bricks of presence.
These years showed us how deeply we all need each other.
This program is the fruit of our foster care and grief journey.
It's the result our realization that often the most powerful gift
we can give another person is loving presence.
It's a program birthed not just out of need but out of a grand
hope that together we can change the story -
one friendship, one meal, and one neighbor at a time.

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